4 Home Hygiene Myths Busted!

Published date: 13/05/2021

Today we will walk you through some myths about home hygiene, the important points which you should look out for when you are cleaning your home. 



#1: Dishwashers are clean


Many people think that there is no need for them to clean the dishwasher because since they are a ‘washer’ themselves, their insides will automatically be clean, right? However, that’s not the case. The interiors of dishwashers are the best places to breed fungi and black yeast.  Therefore, you should take special care and wash it at least once every month. Please do so by pouring vinegar into any safe dishwasher cup and leaving it on the empty top rack of the dishwasher. Please set it to a hot temperature and let it run for a complete cycle. 


#2: The more soap used, the cleaner it is


First things first, cleanliness is about how thoroughly you clean and not the amount of soap used. Many people don’t know that soap or detergent is an excellent source of nutrients for bacteria to grow. To avoid such a thing from occurring, you should always make sure you rinse your hands, dishes and clothes thoroughly. 


#3: All bacteria are harmful to the human body 


There are billions of microorganisms within our intestines and on our skin, with only a few being germs. We are constantly in contact with bacteria. There are the good and the bad ones. The good ones are those that live in our digestive system, on our skin and in our mouth, aiding us with digestion and protecting us from harmful bacteria. 


#4: Scratched Teflon pans can kill you


Scratched Teflon pans are only harmful when they are above 260 Degree Celsius because the coating known as polytetrafluoroethylene emits toxic fumes when they are above this temperature.