How to be Eco-Friendly During Your Home Renovation

Published date: 25/05/2021

All of us will undoubtedly want a warm and cosy house, the one which appears only in our dream, and the best way to achieve that would be through renovation. However, when it comes to renovating our place and getting our dream house, instilling some eco-friendly ideas into the process would be a good idea as well. Not only will you be getting a pretty and elegant home, but you will be helping Mother Nature and the environment as well. Here’s how. 
Get An Energy Audit
First, you will need to find out how much energy your entire house needs and how you can reduce the amount of energy used before starting your renovation work. You can engage in the help of a qualified auditor by checking online or getting referrals from your friends, family members or colleagues. Understanding and knowing how much energy your house will need will allow you to find different ways and methods to reduce the amount used, making your home more energy-efficient and sustainable. You can reduce energy consumption by using energy-saving appliances, LED lighting and taps and showerheads, which helps to conserve water. 
Choose Sustainable Materials
 Consider using recycled glass tiles, bamboo wood or even cork when you are redesigning your living quarters. If possible, use linen upholstery as this material is not just naturally sustainable but also uses less water in farming. You can even opt for sustainable furniture and home décor as well to decorate your home. 
Go For Low-VOC Paints
VOCs are known as volatile organic compounds, and they will release chemicals into your house for years. Opting for eco-friendly low-VOC paint will help reduce the risk of having toxic chemicals in your home. You can get low-VOC paint from brands like Nippon Paint and Dulux. 
Dispose of Your Waste Responsibly
After the renovation work, there is bound to be quite a bit of construction and material waste. Don’t just leave it to your contractor to clear it up for you. You will need to ensure that this waste is properly disposed of. 
Think Long Term
Instead of going for a trendy layout, try opting for a classic and versatile design instead. Not only will it ever go out of date, but you also won’t have to switch up your home’s look every few years, which can actually be quite a costly affair and a waste of precious resources. Remember to go for high-quality renovation work that will still be in tip-top condition even after a long usage period.